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I took dear care of my car and this was the reason I never gave it to anyone no matter what emergency the person is going through. For keeping my car all perfectly fit for me I used to spend whole Sunday working on it. The attachment could be due to it being bought with my own hard earned money and I respected everything which has included my sweat and soul in it. But fate had something else stored for me and with that I came across a new place which had all the wonders which my car would have been missing on. Motoquipe promo codes made me feel more attached to my vehicle as the accessories and fitting I got from the store now keep it in the best of shape.

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It was the new years’ eve and I went out with all my friends to witness the firework at the Sydney Opera House. We had good plans all figured out for ourselves that how we’ll watch the fireworks and then go to the favorite pub to make things more entertaining this year.

We all gathered at my friend Justin’s house and all of us just started off with our plan as we all decided. We reached Sydney Opera House with beers and chips and other eatable stuff which could have added fun to what we exactly for at the place. When fireworks started one of my friend picked up a fight at the same instance with the stranger standing next to us as that stranger was quite drunk and kept on nagging my friend. The fight was hard to be resolved as both started jostling and this quite end up into many other random people joining the fight for their fun sake. When we somehow tried to resolve the matter I saw my side mirrors were smashed with lots of scratches on the body of the car.

This made me quite heartbroken as if someone smashed in my face and without continuing with any more fun I left for home…

This all together was a disaster for me as one thing I kept with care was now in a bad shape. I didn’t take my car to work and used the subway as I was not in a hurry to spend that huge amount. Just a week after the incident I went to look at my car in the garage I was quite shocked as everything was in its place the side mirrors were all in proper shape and even the scratches were missing as if I saw a dream that my car got destroyed. The inside of the car had a lot of changes as well like new seat covers, floor mats and a new car audio was part of the dashboard now.

I was so stunned and ran back home to ask my mum what happened to my car so she told me that my friends took the car and got it repaired. They all came that very night to apologize for leading to all this and I was now no more upset. When I thanked them again and again so Justin took out the bill receipts from Motoquipe to pay it off if I was feeling that thankful and everyone laughed at his joke.

I got a chance to look at the name of the store and what exactly was the amount and how much discount they made my friends avail. This was the time I made this promise myself to be attached with the store which brought so much happiness.

Be the savvy customer and use the Motoquipe coupons to make things work for you as well and grab the best equipment for your car and be at peace.

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